links for 2009-06-08

  • 'While there is a broad range of Italian whites available these days, from arneis to soave, Gavi to grillo, pinot grigio has a prominent place on the spectrum because it is widely grown and easy to find on store shelves in this country. Pick out a few of them and chances are you’ll find at least one that stands out.'
    (tags: pinot_grigio)
  • 'I don't think you can find a better, widely available, food-friendly white wine for summer sipping than sauv blanc. It's a grape that is successfully grown all over the world, but manages to express itself differently in each place.'
  • 'The European Commission announced on Monday that it had dropped plans to allow rose wine to be made by mixing red and white wines, a victory for producers in France and Italy.'
    (tags: trend)
  • 'Somewhere in the haze of polemic wine punditry, where every old idea can be given a fresh coat of paint and proffered as original thought, Napa got caught up in the overripe wine discussion, lumped in with the hegemony of “Parker’s Palate,” given “poster boy” status.'

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