Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 6, 2009

ladylex27: Sitting outside in the yard sippin on wine with my date. lovin the candles and tiki Torches. I love this summer night weather!
2009-06-07 03:15:53 · Reply · View
goldenstatemus: Listening to my friend Steve play jazz under an overcast LA sky…..and yes, Dana, drinking red wine :)
2009-06-07 03:15:51 · Reply · View
RainbowJewelz: Ha! FYI – Pasta salad doesn’t mix well with wine!
2009-06-07 03:15:41 · Reply · View
SommelierSara: @gawineguy I have a not so secret love affair with lambrusco #wine …don’t tell!
2009-06-07 03:15:38 · Reply · View
InaiaInc: just finished making a short demo mix. Now for a salad & a glass of wine & Jacuzzi. YEY!
2009-06-07 03:15:34 · Reply · View
ja9chic: im back home and alive from a long ride… chilling in the hot tub with wine. body sore and I didn’t even ride my bike…
2009-06-07 03:15:34 · Reply · View
JoeStreno: #Paragon #PDX for dinner. Great food. Good red wine. Yummy potroast. Good time had by all.
2009-06-07 03:15:32 · Reply · View
PatMorr: Yum! Fresh Bistro (again). This time a rosemary chicken w/ a red wine rhubarb gastrique. Very very good. And they do the dishes too.
2009-06-07 03:15:21 · Reply · View
FPNova: Tasting 07 Williams Selyem Pinot Russian River – #wine Cherry cola-dark berry-laced w/complex spices 92
2009-06-07 03:15:09 · Reply · View
Chaz_Smith: New wine, old bottle.
2009-06-07 03:15:09 · Reply · View
kelownagurl: life’s too short to do the dishes when I could be sitting on the deck, watching the sunset and drinking wine with my sweetheart…
2009-06-07 03:15:07 · Reply · View
benrigby: @jdlasica OMG, these are great. i am going to submit. Sonoma wine-maker seeks social media skills.
2009-06-07 03:15:06 · Reply · View
Cycling_Chef: @rycera Re: Charles Shaw (wine ?). We are in a recession, not a depression. CS is not even worthy of my cooking wine. Sorry!!!
2009-06-07 03:15:04 · Reply · View
dcc: @Special1Tv @cheesematt A grilled sardine & fine Portuguese wine from La Laterie was the perfect way to celebrate a big win from "a selecao"
2009-06-07 03:14:53 · Reply · View
Keithroy: @Ladylala14 Is Ecco Domani a good wine?
2009-06-07 03:14:53 · Reply · View
NZWine: #wine 6th of June and dreams of an alternative white
2009-06-07 03:14:33 · Reply · View
textnapa: Marinating steak in beer or wine ‘reduces cancer chemicals
2009-06-07 03:14:31 · Reply · View
gawineguy: @SommelierSara I love it! It’s like my secret love affair with Moscato and Brachetto! Shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone! #wine
2009-06-07 03:14:26 · Reply · View
nicholasdub: Tay is riding a purple horse and I am drinking blush wine.
2009-06-07 03:14:16 · Reply · View
seanubis: the cashier forgot to ring up my wine… worse, she forgot to bag it :(
2009-06-07 03:14:18 · Reply · View

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