links for 2009-06-06

  • 'At the reunion, I had two wine-related tasks. The first was to lead a wine tasting—a cheap wine tasting, the university requested—and the second was to select a red and a white—really, really cheap, the university requested—that could be served at any of the campus-wide events during the reunion weekend.'
    (tags: picks)
  • 'I’ve fallen in love with a grape variety that’s entirely new to me. I can neither pronounce nor spell it with ease in its native language but am told that its name translates as Bullseye, which strikes me as a pretty good name for a red wine that is round and fruity, with so much charm that it makes you smile when you taste it.'
    (tags: trend)
  • 'If there's an epicenter of Pinot fame in California, that particular slice of Sonoma still has traction.'
    (tags: Pinot_Noir)

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