Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 2, 2009

jimmybkewl: Just finished dinner with my wife, sister, and her husband. Did a wine tasting at Flemings. Hands down the best steak in the US. Still tipsy
2009-06-03 03:15:10 · Reply · View
rcodom: sitting on patio by lake enjoying glass of wine and jack russell at my feet
2009-06-03 03:15:08 · Reply · View
lizapermanente: @ajmainor Wait. "I am the LAST barman poet…" There we go. I haven’t had a bottle of wine tonight. I don’t know what you’re talking about.
2009-06-03 03:15:06 · Reply · View
megbut: Wine and hommus plate with friends. Oh summer, I missed you.
2009-06-03 03:15:04 · Reply · View
DeliciaA: I’m enjoying my glass of wine and lmao at all my loving crazy ass friends that got really nervous at my update.I’m good. pinky swear…lol
2009-06-03 03:15:02 · Reply · View
MsNeicy: @mamatales_com OJ… Mmm! Def not wine tho..
2009-06-03 03:15:01 · Reply · View
jonnyjb: Just had some wine and good eats with the girl……off to bed
2009-06-03 03:14:58 · Reply · View
houserlegacy: Don’t miss the Art & Wine Reception (611 Creative – 7:30 to 9) after our screening at the deadCENTER FilmFest – Fri June 12th. See U there!
2009-06-03 03:14:54 · Reply · View
Hail_Mary_Jane: @pReHaB212 LoL!! how much wine r u at now?
2009-06-03 03:14:45 · Reply · View
hoeschj: Delightful dinner & wine drinkin with my dude… sucsessful tuesday yah
2009-06-03 03:14:44 · Reply · View
DivasonaDate: This is the time of night where a great man, two glasses of wine and two chairs on the back porch would really rock.
2009-06-03 03:14:37 · Reply · View
TaraAuMieux: @shareeparker …and yes we are gonna go to the Wine Festival on Saturday
2009-06-03 03:14:30 · Reply · View
ohcutebaby: I am so in heaven right now. Girls asleep and Desperate Housewives NJ is on Bravo. Oh. And I bought a cheap bottle of wine yesterday. Yahoo!
2009-06-03 03:14:17 · Reply · View
OmgAlex: Happy birfday sarah!!! I love these occasions. Easy excuse to roll bluntz and drink beer out of red wine glasses.
2009-06-03 03:14:14 · Reply · View
gourmeted: "Marinating meat in herbs, beer or wine can reduce the carcinogens that form during grilling by as much 88%" -FN mag/Journ of Food Science
2009-06-03 03:14:14 · Reply · View
FrankLovesWine: Tuesday Night Wine. Crack open that white. Yes I said WHITE! Read it on Hiccup
2009-06-03 03:14:01 · Reply · View
rashidian: @joanisawake yummy wine eh?
2009-06-03 03:13:54 · Reply · View
Jetcoug: watching red sox and drinking red wine with fan blowing on us – doesn’t get much better than this
2009-06-03 03:13:53 · Reply · View
sabinedukes: @lyneL Wine Soup!
2009-06-03 03:13:52 · Reply · View
AngiBoBangi: Need some wine & crackers to go with this cheesy movie hubby’s watching!
2009-06-03 03:13:48 · Reply · View

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