Twitter Tweets about wine as of June 1, 2009

suechru: @winetwits Enjoying beaujolis (probably misspelled it though.) Oh la la for French Wine!
2009-06-02 03:20:10 · Reply · View
malbones: Vin-up, reliable wine source? Think not. Voy a provar, como siempre.
2009-06-02 03:19:59 · Reply · View
nan_jones: @DJc8080 food, wine, thou, and a tweet
2009-06-02 03:19:58 · Reply · View
Ekaterin121: Decline in freelance jobs = hair cut and color at JC Penny salon and not in my usual wine ‘n cut spa. Sob.
2009-06-02 03:19:48 · Reply · View
MsSilpada: @ReneeDeLuca OK, so we had no wine but met at Panera & they gave us ALL of their leftovers which was truly a sweet deal. Still miss the wine
2009-06-02 03:19:28 · Reply · View
FTheCinephile: Came home from working tonight to dinner, wine, homemade cookies and a house full of beautiful French women. Yea… I kinda dig my life
2009-06-02 03:19:20 · Reply · View
winesatori: Caroline Elderfield – Regular contributor to: Laithwaites, Sunday Times Wine Club, Woman’s Jou..
2009-06-02 03:19:19 · Reply · View
adam101782: Killed a bottle of wine feeling damn good lol
2009-06-02 03:19:18 · Reply · View
JeniceMarie: Chelsea lately is hilarious!…Winding down at home drinking my sparkling wine:)
2009-06-02 03:19:09 · Reply · View
mcqueenb: I found a wine that i like. Yellowtail shiraz
2009-06-02 03:18:46 · Reply · View
BetsyHCohen: Wine dinner at Araka, locavore food (xcept skate) but European wines- can’t they match that? Excellent chef.
2009-06-02 03:18:35 · Reply · View
frenchelon: What’s up two bottles of wine?
2009-06-02 03:18:34 · Reply · View
AB2fresh: Elliot sucks at kings. And 2 is drunk off wine cooler. Ha!
2009-06-02 03:18:05 · Reply · View
dhho: @RachelBTwit i miss brie and wine and 400 oh so much.
2009-06-02 03:18:00 · Reply · View
HadiyaSelam: Help we are arguing over which wine is stronger in Kroger lol…we argreed on MERLOT let’s get this party started!!!
2009-06-02 03:17:49 · Reply · View
nicksergeant: @stop Doh. Must’ve been that damn bottle of wine. Sorry about that :)
2009-06-02 03:17:43 · Reply · View
chasesterling: @Alonis ok now I am in the mood for some wine – come on out mr. corkscrew
2009-06-02 03:17:40 · Reply · View
ABinaco: Bottle of wine, Conan, passes out.
2009-06-02 03:17:39 · Reply · View
ScottDiev: My favorite part of cooking is glass after glass of wine as you prepare the food until you’re too numb to enjoy the taste.
2009-06-02 03:17:37 · Reply · View
karigeha: I kinda feel like big, fat poo. AKA: not well. What fixes that? A little Iron and Wine. A GIANT brownie. and my pillow. mhmmm….
2009-06-02 03:17:26 · Reply · View

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