‘Love at first sip’ for rosé wines in this season of flowers

Love at first sip might be your reaction after trying a Patton Valley Vineyard Pinot Noir Rosé 2007.

At least, that was mine.

So much so that I just about stretched the limits of the Wine News Review fairly frugal affordability index.

That is, I plunked down $17 for a bottle of the Patton!

That was after a wine tasting this past weekend at one of my favorite wine shops in the D.C. area, Vienna Vintner.

Dry (forget the notion that rosés have to be sweet), ever so subtly frizzante with watermelonly tones and a slight acidic rush. But what I think got to me was its hint of flowers.

It is, after all, spring.

For more on the subject of spring and rosés, check out TODAY columnist Edward Deitch’s recent observations in an aptly headlined column “Stop and ‘smell’ the rosés.”

Deitch expounds on his affection for the season’s pinks and lists a couple of his finds, including one that fits rather nicely in the fairly frugal affordability index: a 2007 Roseum from Vina Robles in Paso Robles on California’s Central Coast (about $13).

Bonus info: Ever wonder why some wines are pink? The preferred method of producing them, according to my handy copy of The Oxford Companion to Wine, is to allow the juice of the grapes to linger with the dark-colored skins for only a brief period of time, several hours in some cases.

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