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A wine’s high price, honest or not, adds to its pleasure, study finds
In other words: Outwit yourself – pay less, enjoy more!

Oregon wines continue to grow
Great news for Oregon wine aficionados. Part of the reason for growth: The state’s wineries are “developing a reputation for sustainable practices and organic products, and the state’s pinot noir grapes have been found to contain an unusually high level of the anti-cancer, heart-healthy compound resveratrol.”

A Bargain-Basement Wine Cellar
Robert Parker focuses on a California winery that offers “premium wines at value prices.” Includes five affordable bottles scoring 85 points or more.

America’s Best Spots For Fine Wine
From Forbes, naturally.

Eco-friendly French to ship their wine under sail
An unexpected example of the increasing greening of wines. “French vineyard owners are returning to a slower pace of life by starting to export their wine by sailing boat – a method last used in the 1800s – to reduce their carbon footprint.”

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