New and notable wine headlines, including tales of ‘juiced’ wine tourists

Handpicked wine stories from across the Web…

Getting juiced at wine tastings
“California vintners aim to cork the problem of limos and tour buses bringing partyers to their venues.”

Australian wines sell for $130,000
Barossa Valley Ares Shiraz, Aphrodite Cabernet Sauvignon and Aerope Grenache — that’s right, just three bottles — from Australia’s Two Hands Wines.

Two-Buck Chuck ain’t that bad
Another wine reviewer discovers an age-old truth, and serves up a little backgrounder on the Charles Shaw legend.

More on the Befuddlement of Liquor Laws
In case you didn’t get the message from the earlier, aptly named ‘Befuddlement of Liquor Laws’ story.

Drink No Wine Before IT’S Time
Reflections on encountering old friends, late-night rituals and selecting the right wine at the right time.

Sure, Screw Caps Are Fine—But on My Wines?
“Am I a dinosaur? Should I be on the lookout for tar pits? Anyone? Anyone?”

Why Do Wines Go On Sale?
Finally, somebody asks. And somebody answers.

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