Find wine bargains with our aptly named Bargain Wine Search

Searching for wines — at a price you want, with expert opinion to back up your choice — just got easier, with Wine News Review’s new, user-friendly Bargain Wine Search tool.

For starters, this tool is designed to only index top wine websites, rather than the entire Web.

That makes a big difference.

It’s been said that the best thing about the Web is the huge amount of information it stores, and the worst thing about the Web is the huge amount of information it stores.

In other words, sometimes more is actually less.

That’s especially true when it comes to tracking down worthwhile information about wines. (To see what I mean, type “wine” into Google and you’ll find there are nearly 19 million citations.)

The idea is that by limiting a search to the most authoritative sources — the ones that have a track record of accuracy instead of hype — the search results are more reliable. Also, the time spent to find what you’re looking for is shorter because there’s lots less clutter.

Defining your search is a snap, with separate drop-down menus to (1) chose a wine type and (2) pick a price range. That’s it. No need to fiddle with confusing, hit-and-miss search terms or wade through endless links to unreliable websites.

You’ll find this tool, a highly customized version of the Google search service, to be fast and solid. The sources that are indexed include more than 150 of the Web’s leading wine experts, most trusted wine bloggers and major news publications from around the world.

You can also find links to the latest news reports about wine bargains, both white and red. These reports are continuously updated.

Like everything else in cyberspace, of course, this is all a work in progress. Suggestions and even complaints are welcomed.

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