Gimme-your-wine-photo: In this edition, my pal Steve tries to make me drool

Click image for photogallery

Wine Photo of The Day by Stephen Pizzo — Click image for photogallery

Wine Photo of the Day by Stephen Pizzo

This photo from my friend Steve gave me an idea for a new Wine News Review feature — the “gimme-your-wine-photo” edition. Goes like this: You send me a cool wine-related photo, I help make you spectacularly famous, among Wine News Review readers. Here’s where to contact me.

Steve’s e-mail msg was short and sweet: “Hey Sam, here’s a photo of my neighbor’s little vineyard to show your readers what Sonoma County looks like this time of year.” I wrote back and asked whether there was an opening for a grounds keeper. Still waiting for a reply on that.

UPDATE: (10/28/07) — Steve sent over some additional shots — enough for a guest photogallery, which you can see by clicking here. Also Helfer Vineyard’s Patricia Helfer responded, via Steve, to my grounds-keeper query, saying they’re accepting applications for vineyard workers. “Lots of fresh air and exercise.” Tempting.

Anyway, got a photo to share? Gimme!

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