Web sips: Wine headlines, 10/09/07

Handpicked wine stories from across the Web…

New and notable headlines:

Online competition might lower wine prices
Short, sweet and to the point: "Consumers are better off when local stores have to compete with online sellers," said Assistant Professor Alan Wiseman, co-author of the study.

Wine cellars are the latest must-have in upscale homes
Not even the "shaky economy and the uncertainty of the housing market" have squelched the trend. (Hey, holiday season’s coming, and — who knows? — you might get lucky.)

Autumn bargains are in the air
Speaking of the holidays, here’s a quick roundup of deals, including wines. "Fall is always when the new bottles from last year’s harvest show up on shelves," says Natalie MacLean, editor of the wine site Nat Decants. "The crush of vineyards clamoring for your attention keeps prices low."

Rain may hurt taste of year’s pinot noir
Read it and weep: Oregon growers say "by and large the vintage won’t be what consumers are used to from the region."

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